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Introduction to Petrophysics, by Mr. Motaz Eltahir Bakri

  • The Role of Petrophysics in Exploration and Production
  • Understanding Petrophysical Principles and Concepts
  • The Borehole Environment
  • Basics of Petroleum Geomechanics, By Mrs. Ailie Sofyiana

    • The basic concept of geomechanics for reservoir and drilling applications
    • This includes how in-situ stresses can be understood from wellbore data
    • How wellbore data are applied through the mechanical earth model to design and predict critical problems in the field exploration and development.
    • Introduction to Wireline logging, by Mr. Dawood Hussein

      • Introduction to Wireline logging
      • Tools Classification, Principles and Mechanisms
      • Wireline logging Hazards/Risks, and Precautions
      • Borhole effects and tools Limitations
      • Sampling and fluid Testing
      • Introduction to Mud Engineering, by Mr. Ghassan Bek

        • Mud Engineer’s Roles.
        • Circulation System
        • Drilling Fluids Classifications.
        • Mud Functions VS. Properties.
        • Introduction to QHSE in the Oil & Gas Industry, by Mr. Clement Bantar Nyong.

          • Context of Oil & Gas Activities
          • Hazards related to the Industry
          • Some undesired QHSE Events that occurred in the Industry
          • QHSE Management System, an approach to minimize undesired event, and improve operations and productivity (IADC HSE Case Guideline)
          • To what extent GIS can change our Perception, By Eng. Eiman Osman Hussein

            • Remote Sensing and GIS Overview Components
            • Usage and Types of data
            • Preparation of Data for Modeling
            • Applications of GIS
            • Demo
            • Webinar on Optimizing Reservoir Performance and Recovery Rates, By Mr.Taj Uddin - OOR.

              • The Organic Oil Recovery process as a proven and innovative enhanced oil recovery technology that optimizes reservoir performance and recovery rates.s

              Introduction to Directional Drilling, by Mr. Magdi Elnorani

              • Why Directional Drilling
              • Trajectory Design (Well Plan)
              • Bottom Hole Assembly
              • Rotary Steerable System (RSS)
              • Measurement While Drilling (MWD)