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PetroNile Academy is offering a unique opportunity for selecting organizations to support its programs\events and target its unique audience directly.



To help empowering oil and gas young professionals, fresh graduates, and students with extensive technical and professional knowledge, sharing networking and volunteer opportunities to help them improve their professional and technical skills.



To facilitate access to knowledge and training courses anywhere,any time

? Who we are

PetroNile Academy (PNA) is an online training platform in the area of oil and gas. We offer students the opportunity to become a part of the oil & gas industry by connecting them to a professional technical hand. Our events are designed to provide students with quality education and training to be capable of applying principles for the safe and efficient exploration, development, production, transportation, and management of petroleum resources

We invite experts from outstanding professionals from the industry with years of working experience in the industry and research institutes. Members of The PetroNile Academy are knowledge seekers who are passionate about .learning and strive to keep a step ahead of their competition

From the Founder's Desk

Competition has forced professionals around the globe to update their skills frequently, but time remains the most critical factor when selecting a training program. As long as you have access to the internet, you can access your training anywhere using a computer, laptop, or phone.

PetroNile Academy has been established to provide flexibility and aids in making the task of arranging development opportunities far easier.The purpose of the academy is to build confidence among the students by delivering insightful technical sessions and engaging them in the latest technology used in the oil and gas industry. Remember that there is always time for everything, so start from where you are and use your energy to do what you can.

Our Blogs


Co-Development Opportunities with Oil & Gas and Renewable Projects

The world is witnessing an energy transformation towards clean and renewable energy sources. This transformation is driven mainly by digitalization and innovation, According to numerous estimates, the proportion of renewable energy sources of the global energy consumption could reach 15 to 20 percent by the middle of the 21th century...

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Coalbed methane

Coalbedmethane (CBM) is a hydrocarbon gas that is chiefly composed of methane and is generated and stored in coal beds in the adsorbed state. Itis a kind of unconventional gas that occurs in coal beds. Here, coal is both the source rock and the reservoir, resulting in no obvious trap definition. CBMis composed of methane (more than 95%), minor amounts of heavier hydrocarbons....

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"The future of oil and peak oil theory","Is the world running out of oil?"

To say that an exhaustible resource will be exhausted is not a prediction but, under certain conditions, a tautology. The only qualification is that an exhaustible resource will not be exhaustedif,for some reason, production ceases while reserves are still available. Therefore,many theories were stated to predict the end....

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